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The idea is that each table will automatically copy over a record from the Main Table when I select a fruit. My problem is I can’t quite suss out your endgame from your description.Could you give a little more detail as to how you envision the completed base?Mixed with apples, strawberries, pineapple, peaches and dark sweet cherries you can serve this colorful dish as is! Drizzle a few red raspberries over some ice cream or put in a favorite punch for the final touch. Sliced and pitted these peaches are ready to serve, and great for canning and comes in a 2.5# reclosable bag.Our frozen red raspberries are great for smoothies as well. Warm peach cobbler with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream…. Whole, large, and awesome for dipping in some dark chocolate!You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at View our terms of service at Need help with the game?I want a third column that will auto-populate with Members added by that Member, based on the info in the second column. Problem: I can’t seem to calculate the total costs when the check-in and check-out are in different months.

Every time I sell a fruit, I record it in the Main Table by selecting the fruit in a dropdown menu with other purchase information like customer name, date and time of purchase, etc.

As a start, take a look at the potential solutions and demonstration bases I’ve offered in the replies to the following posts.

Again, while none is an exact match for your needs, in each case the desired behavior required moving information through Airtable in a manner not explicitly supported by an internal function. I'm in the final of configuring a performance (musician's) BD.

(Here or by private message if you have concerns about exposing core processes.) It just like there should be an Airtable-based solution possible.

You might want to look through the Support forum for examples of how other users have managed to pass information from one table to another; while none are likely to provide a ‘plug-compatible’ solution to your problem, some of the techniques used might be adaptable to your application.

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