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Amy Childs says "there's no chance at all" she'll get back together with her baby's father.The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star split from Bradley Wright just a few weeks after their six-month-old daughter Polly was born but, although he still… The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star has announced his girlfriend Misse Beqiri delivered their baby girl in St Mary's Hospital in London recently, but it's not yet known when she was born, her… The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who was crowned Celebrity Mum of the Year earlier this week - welcomed her beautiful daughter Polly into the world six months ago and has been enjoying the…All the conversations on The Only Way Is Essex are full of weird little pauses, as if they're all communicating via a faulty 1970s satellite link-up.It's like watching an old Open University programme on Advanced Pointlessness.– a show about dogs that eat unusual things – on series link. Put me in front of The Only Way Is Essex and I turn into your gran trying to programme a VCR. Perhaps the most off-putting aspect of the show is its staginess.Not so much its much-discussed lack of fly-on-the-wall realism, but everyone's uncomfortably stilted delivery.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress is believed to be dating the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star, and it is believed the romance is "going well" for the pair, as they speak "a lot" to one another…You may have even bought the official The Only Way Is Essex single and played it on a loop all weekend, bobbing up and down and intermittently chortling at the word "vajazzle".Because, make no mistake, The Only Way Is Essex is a phenomenon. The official The Only Way Is Essex Facebook page has close to 200,000 fans – almost 50 times the number that Question Time has.Chloe Lewis has bought a house with her boyfriend Danny Flasher.The 26-year-old reality star has been dating the dark-haired hunk for just under a year, and the pair have already taken their romance to the next step as they have both gone in and…

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