Quad amputee dating

Sean tried a few career paths, Eichenbaum said, from helping develop kayaking prosthetics, which he was incredibly proud of, to Internet security. In 2006, he bought a house near the Valencia College East Campus, records show.

At the time, Cynthia was studying hospitality management at the University of Central Florida, a school spokesman said.

He worked hard so his wife could tutor children at school and volunteer at a soup kitchen or church."Nancy was the more outgoing one. He was always working and thinking, 'Alright, what does this family need? The Petrozzinos set rules, but were not overly strict parents, Eichenbaum said."They knew that kids were gonna be kids," he said.

"When you're a friend of the Petrozzinos', you're a friend for life."Those lifelong friendships abruptly ended this month. 4, Orange County deputies found Nancy, 64, and Michael, 63, dead in their Heming Way home.

He survived, and within a week, doctors said he was going to recover – but had to amputate the ends of his left arm and leg.

By the end of the year, Sean had about a dozen surgeries on his limbs, and both his hands and parts of his legs were amputated."It was a very aggressive infection, and his parents were there all the time," Eichenbaum said.

It was unclear why Sean Petrozzino was in Memphis, where he had no known ties, Watrel said."[Detectives] are still looking for the high powered rifle," Watrel said.

"They're still waiting for ballistics and all that evidence to come back."At Andover Elementary School, faculty and staff decided to wait before memorializing Nancy Petrozzino, Zambaux said."We at Andover are absolutely planning to have some type of memorial for our beloved Nancy in the near future," she said.

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