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“When the child got home he ended up telling his mom that he had met daddy’s friend and that she was nice.Of course, this was stupid, and she ended up dumping him that day.” 7.Men and women who cheat are so desperate to get laid that they offer up personal information at some point during the affair.This personal info is a trail right back to your #1 girl.” So, if you’re thinking about dating multiple women when you’re already in a committed relationship, we’re here to say: don’t do it. The same goes with cheating, according to Severson.

If he’s doing anything out of the ordinary that he would not typically do, we will take notice.

The online dating app Tinder has changed the face of courting.

No longer do you need to woo a potential mate; now you just swipe right – and bam – you have a date.

While that feature may save your life when you’re driving, it can also ruin it if your partner has Siri read her your text messages and there’s one (or several) that will leave you in a compromising position.

“This tool holds most of all peoples secrets,” Severson says.

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