Misty river dating

Stone-Age man drank, bathed, fished and canoed in its once pristine waters.

Before that, during the last Ice-Age 25,000 years ago, it was a stream.

Sweet moldy scent of fresh earth pulls me back once again to the damp soil. I vow to railroad my attention to the ground looking for clues, a single glint of reflected light - even for a brief instant of how life was for the people who, lost to time, lived on this land.

The lazy brown Spoon River in Illinois has seen humans come and go for over 13,000 years.When the glaciers suddenly retreated 18,000 years ago, the resulting floods excavated, ground, and polished riverstones into unique shapes.Shortly after, Paleo Indian finds them in clusters in the clear water, possibly diving for them.Theres a subtle sense of reverence for being on the very ground my distant ancestors once walked.Through the lace of human genetics stretching far back into dark Africa, we are all related, I thought.

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