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Hey Mate, If you are on this page, you are probably looking for information to: Build a circle that is abundant in the type of woman you want to meet and date.You are eager to build a vast social group that actually values you and likes to do things with you.If I ever encountered a problem, my social circle was there to my aid.Being an international student, I was not allowed to work in this country.

I feel obliged and highly indebted to all of them for coming through for me.

I sat down and wrote down everything that I had to do during college time to form an entourage of men and a harem of women.

The minute I started writing the road map to my new life I realized that things were not that different.

We all started offering sexual favors as a birthday present. Please let me know what you schedule is going to be like afteryou return from visiting your family.

One thing led to another and soon I was participating in an orgy with 6 other women. I actually ended up getting an One Night Stand right afterwatching your DVDs. I’d really like to schedule one of your training sessions. I had the skills to go out and meet women in bars and other public venues.

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