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His second album is old-school blues and funk, with a voice that soars to an impressive falsetto on closing ballad Holy Wine.

Julia Keys, 57, centre) is divorcing her disgraced husband - former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys (pictured together, left) - after he had an affair with their daughter's former best friend, 28-year-old lawyer Lucie Rose (right, and inset with Keys).

FOY VANCELive In London (Gingerbread Man)Mentored by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, the Irish singer-songwriter is in excellent voice on this solo show at London’s Union Chapel.

He spends as much time talking as singing, but the simple setting suits his informal approach.

A stop-gap between official albums, it allows the prolific Cambridge singer to experiment with futuristic beats and fresh vocal partners over ten new songs: Carly Rae Jepsen guests on Backseat; Scandinavian electro-dance stars Tove Lo and Alma shine on Out Of My Head. (Easy Eye Sound)Hailed by producer Dan Auerbach as ‘the greatest living soul singer’, Finley came to music after joining an American armed forces band.

Taylor Swift has spoken of feeling shamed in to staying away from romance after having her relationship history publicly mocked but as a celebrity, does she have a right to a private life?

Sarah Cuda THE SKIDSBurning Cities (No Bad) Scottish punk pioneers The Skids show a real sense of urgency on this bracing comeback, their first album in 37 years.

The BA Gold Card holder had left London at 9.30pm the previous day and settled down to sleep but woke in the morning to find spots of blood on his pillow.

‘I had an incredibly itchy waist, torso and hands,’ he said.

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