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There is a lot to find out about him, his recordings, future appearances, and more.The pride of Canadians everywhere, especially those in Canada, this enormously talented pianist and composer from Prince Edward Island has been said to play "face melting" ragtime piano and novelties.A friend of the "Perfessor" and an absolutely brilliant and charming interpreter of novelty and 1920s/1930s piano, as well as on silent movie soundtracks both live on and digital media.If you can't hear him in person, this is a good start.He and Danny Coots and friends provide some great entertainment and CDs to boot. Jeff Barnhart, along with his talented wife Anne, have played ragtime and related forms with everybody all around the world.He has a remarkable legacy of recordings and a busy calendar, all available from this web site.For many who have searched for years for his folios outside of ragtime festivals, this is your source.Interesting repertoire and interpretation with other artists featured as well on a ragtime site meant to delight.

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The venerable and talented David Thomas Roberts has many delights on his finely crafted site, including folios and CDs of his music, samples of his poetry, photography, and a number of pieces of his art - a veritable journey into his world of Terra Verde ragtime and art.Quite a bit of his history is available on this site, and is worth perusing.Mimi is a classical Canadian pianist who caught the ragtime bug and has not been able to shake it (thankfully).As you look through these pages, please keep in mind that a great deal of work has gone into not only what I do, but what many of the other listed artists have contributed to ragtime performance and the advancement of the knowledge of this indigenous American music.With that in mind, know that your input is invaluable to any of us.

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