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Surface maps are given for Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Pluto and grid maps are provided for the gas giants and the sun.

Astronomy Calculator Provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase information for any location on Earth Astro Timer PPC Pocket PC Software designed for recording the timings of lunar grazings, ocultations, transits, meteor showers and any other astronomical observation that needs a record of the date and time to the nearest 10th of a second.

Moon Phase Icon Shows the current moon phase in your system tray Moon Phase Oracle - Solunar Prediction Software Astronomy software for any location worldwide displays information for any time of day My Stars!

Shareware for stargazers Newt Telescopes A newtonian telescope design program that ray traces the telescope checking for vignetting, optimizes diagonal size, calculates baffle size and position, and a lot more Nex Star Freeware Freeware allowing PC control of all models of Nex Star telescopes Newton's Aquarium A solar system construction set Night Cal Produces a single A4 sheet monthly calendar telling the user when it gets dark, when the Moon rises and sets and what the Moon should look like when it does make an appearance Observation Manager Free and open Java based observation logging tool that stores it's data in a free and open XML format called COMAST Op Ti X Comprehensive optical design software Orbit Explorer Physics educational software for high school and college students and teachers Orbiter Freeware space flight simulation and Solar System exploration program with accurate physics, 3D graphics, and a first-person astronaut's perspective.

Astro Planner Astronomical observation planning, logging and telescope control software Astro Calc Calculates the position of planets and give their appearance Astro Gemini Screen Savers Astronomy screen savers Astronomy Software by Aero Space Guide Guide to the Best Astronomy and Space Software online Astronomical Observation Log Log down your observations and import a pic or sketch of the object your observing.

Astro Stack Free program that takes a series of video images and combines them into one Astro French astronomy program, especially for Dobson's owners Astroart Image processing for astronomical images Automa Dome Dome control software Bentec Services Limited Free software for hyperaspherical optical design Best Pair Software for picking the two best stars for auto alignment with Meade & Celestron scopes Binary Maker Accurately calculates light and radial velocity curves for almost any type of binary, simultaneously displaying the theoretical and observed curves as well as a 3-D model of the orbiting stars C88 An informational tool for amateur astronomers CADET Image processing program specific to astronomical images that supports FITS, Bitmap and JPEG formats CCD Astrometry Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets CCDOPS SBIG CCD camera control software CCDSoft Combines both CCD camera control functions and astronomical image processing functions into a single package CLEA Windows Software Modern Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy CNebula X Freeware.

Topics include the solar system, space and seasons among others.

Astro Planner Observation planning and logging with telescope control Astro MB Manage astronomical images and catalogs, allow robotic observations, astrometry and photometry Astromist Palm OS astronomy tool which helps you to organize your observation session Astro Excel Free astronomy Excel spreadsheet calculations and graphs Astrometrica Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets Astronomer's Digital Clock Displays time, date, and Julian day Astra Image Image processing for astronomical images Astro Vizier Provides a detailed physical ephemeris for the major bodies of the solar system.Support the activities and educational programs of the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society by purchasing some of these fine products that will show your KAS pride, teach you about amateur astronomy, or help you observe the night sky.The Miller Planisphere is made with heavy duty plastic and includes a durable plastic case.Every blossoming amateur astronomer should own one of these!The KAS receives a commission if you purchase the following Imaginova products through our website.

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