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For this reason, scientists have begun studying the health benefits of semen intake, both orally and vaginally.Some of the studies into the effects of swallowing semen are described here.Semen is The Natural Source of: Prostaglandins, Spermidine and Glycoproteins.Men's bodies make these enzymes and women's bodies benefit from them.

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It is suggested that the main pathway used by spermidine to trigger its effects is the MAPK pathway.

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The purpose is to collect references to scientific studies of the health benefits to women of swallowing loads of semen from healthy men every week.

There is no doubt of benefits such as; increased longevity, reduction of risk of cancer (by 50% for breast cancer), reduction of cases of miscarriage (and even death of the mother) due to pre-eclampsia, anti-aging properties, acne control, easing of depression, mood enhancement, reducing effects of PMS, mitigating morning sickness, suppressing appetite and increasing bonding in relationships.

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